GMO – just say NO!

Addicted to GMO?…the word is now out – GMO foods are bad for us medically as well as making things tough for organic farmers, destroying our bee population, our seed diversity & a host of other sins. The years of banging drums in the dark are over…it can be stated in public that GMO corn & soy are slowly killing us.

Of course, the warnings have been loud & clear for awhile – the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Union of Concerned Scientists, Huffington Post, Institute for Responsible Technology, and others have been trying to get our attention. But, the seeming need in our recession for more & cheaper food has outweighed the information & the public airwaves ignore this subject.

Recent testing in Europe feeding normal diet of these ”foods” – caused liver & kidney damage in lab rats – and as we know from years of this type of testing, the effects on humans are almost parallel! By reviewing data from 19 animal studies, Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini and others reveal that 9% of the measured parameters, including blood and urine biochemistry, organ weights, and microscopic analyses (histopathology), were significantly disrupted in the GM-fed animals. The kidneys of males fared the worst, with 43.5% of all the changes. The liver of females followed, with 30.8%. The report, published in Environmental Sciences Europe on March 1, 2011, confirms that “several convergent data appear to indicate liver and kidney problems as end points of GMO diet effects.” The authors point out that livers and kidneys “are the major reactive organs” in cases of chronic food toxicity. The Institute of Responsible Technology has lots more to say…take a peek!

So note your food source…Kids – this means Fritos, McDonald burgers & fries, sodas, and almost all sweetened corporate foods. So – how much do we need to know in order to quit this addiction?

We could list the newer GM foods & the ones coming on line soon, just to get more worried…GM Salmon, GM Alfalfa, and even GM Wheat! But – let’s stay focused on the big boys…Monsanto’s own seeds into eternity…our field corn & soy…and I know we can find alternatives to chips & sodas!

Just say NO to GMO! It’s fun & easy – get yourself some organic cornmeal, make tortillas with your kids have a fun & clean meal your garden & the local Farmer’s market can provide. It won’t cost much today & You will save money at the hospital later.

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  1. Dilly says:

    This is very informative and interesting and G M O is a bad thing as far as most of your readers are concerned. Even so, I wish you luck getting this information out there. Everytime you bring it up, people have this dumb reaction telling us to shut up because we’re not doing anything to help matters and people have a right to eat (and none of us say otherwise) and these G M Os are the greatest thing and even anti-science people who don’t want to hear about evolution or anything but who believe in bodily ascensions defend G M Os. The Americans probably will still eat this stuff because nobody wants to argue with Gillette Penn the high-school dropout who reads from a telepromptor as he yells to shut the —- up for being against G M O s.

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