Hello ! :)

What is happening with Annie Green Jeans after taking 2 years off from blogging?

Still working with local community and serving in many ways as I see I can.

The Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, & hope for a future of sustainable agriculture.

Women’s sacred rites & rights and upwelling…resistance. 

Cooking up goodness and fermenting change!

I was recently  in Cuba, and will begin to post journal notes here as it was very enlightening to see how this creative island people dealt with lack of new inputs and resources, found ways to survive, grow food and manage their transportation with classic cars, horses and wagons.


1959, no more new cars except poorly designed and made Russian Lada.

1991 – no more Russian anything!

2016 – Cuba relations with US begins anew – some openings for neighborliness.

2017 – Election of  the ‘president’ may stop all progress between neighbors…, surely that is not in anyone’s best interest!  Walls do not make a future of planet-wide collaboration and sharing of best practices which is what we need to survive and thrive with resilience and vitality

Annie's vinegar - fermentation class

Annie’s vinegar – ferment some change!

Lots going on here!  Community building, sustainable housing for my family, garden and grape vines.

Herbal business replacing my design firm as I “retire” to a richer home life.

How are you coping and thriving in all of the transitions going on?